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  • A-A-1552 Primer Coating (Ferric Oxide, Aerosol)

    This description covers an aerosol primer for general purpose interior and exterior use on metal surfaces.

  • A-A-2336 Primer Coating (Alkyd, Exterior Wood, White and Tints)

    This commercial item description covers one type of pigmented exterior alkyd primer coating having a maximum Volatile Organic Compound Content of 250 grams per liter. This primer is intended for use over wood.

  • A-A-2786 Primer Coating (Aerosol, Lead and Chromate Free)
  • A-A-2994 Primer Coating, Interior, for Walls and Wood

    This commercial item description covers two types of interior wall and wood trim primer. Both types are lead free, low VOC, and can be top coated with alkyd or latex paints. These coatings are intended for uncoated interior surfaces such as wood trim, sheet rock, particle board, and masonry.

  • A-A-3161 Primer Coating, Conditioner for Chalking Exterior Surfaces

    This commercial item description describes a one component, ready-mixed, penetrating primer for use on previously painted chalked porous substrates. The primer provides good intercoat adhesion between the chalked substrate and topcoat.

  • AMS-3110 Primer, Zinc Chromate
  • AMS-3117 Primer, Zinc Molybdate

    This specification covers a zinc molybdate primer in the form of a liquid.

  • This specification covers pretreatment wash primer for use on clean metal surfaces of all types as a treatment pior to application of the coating system. The purpose of the material is to increase the adhesion of the coating system. The wash primer is not intended to be used as a permanent protective coating in itself. The materials covered by this specification is suitabie for use where air pollution regulations apply for solvents in paints.

  • This specification covers the requirements of a fast drying corrosion inhibiting, low VOC content alkyd primer for coating interior and exterior surfaces of ammunition. This enamel primer is formulated free of lead and chromate (hexavalent chromium), with a maximum VOC content of 420 grams/liter (g/l) (3.5 pounds/gallon (lbs/gal)) as applied. The primer is also formulated free of hazardous air pollutants (HAP-free). This primer is not to be used on tactical or combat equipment. Equipment primed with this material is not to be coated with chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) primers or topcoats.

  • This specification covers two classes of an alkyd baking primer for dip application on automotive components. It also provides two compositions, one of which is suitable for use under Air Pollution Regulations.

  • MIL-P-15929 Primer Coating, Shipboard, Vinyl-Red Lead (Formula No 119)

    This specification is canceled. Superseded by MIL-P-24441 and MIL-P-15930.

  • This specification covers primer coating, vinyl-zinc chromate, for use with conventional or hot spray equipment over pretreatment coating (Formula No. 117, DOD-P-15328).