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  • A-A-1546 Rubbing Varnish

    The rubbing varnish shall be a high gloss, clear, air-drying, oleoresinous varnish suitable for brushing or interior wood and metal furniture where a rubbed finish is desired.

  • A-A-1632 Varnish, Asphalt

    This description covers an ashpalt varnish for utility purposes.

  • A-A-1788 Varnish, Oil: Interior

    This commercial item description describes a clear, satin or gloss, air-drying, interior, alkyd or modified alkyd varnish. It is suitable for brushing as is and spraying.

  • A-A-1800 Varnish, Oil: Spar

    This specification is for a varnish, oil: spar.

  • This specification covers two phenolic mixing varnishes for use in mixing with alkyd resin in the preparation of paint. Both varnishes are 25 gallons in oil length (i.e., for every 100 pounds of resin, 25 gallons of oil are used).

  • This specification covers three types of heat hardening phenolic varnishes suitable for use as a coating for cartridge cases and as a lining for munitions and other containers. This document also provides for an additional composition suitable for use under Air Pollution regulations.

  • MIL-V-1174 Varnish, Spar, Water Resisting (Formula No 80)

    This specification is canceled. Use TT-V-119.

  • This specification covers two grades and four types of clear and aluminum pigmented para-phenyl phenol-formaldehyde resin air driving varnishes for use on ammunition.

  • This specification covers one grade of clear (unpigmented) varnish for use in protecting electrical circuits and engine parts of internal combustion engine.

  • This specification covers a moistureproof varnish having a tung oil and phenolic resin base.

  • MIL-V-173 Varnish, Moisture-and-Fungus Resistant (for Treatment of Communications, Electronic, and Associated Equipment)

    This specification covers one type of moisture-and-fungus-resistant varnish consisting of a para-phenyl phenol-formaldehyde resin in combination with tung oil and suitable solvents which has been made fungistatic by the addition of 7.0 +/- 1.0 percent salicylanilide or one percent copper b-quinolinolate, for the treatment of assembled communications, electronic, and associated electrical equipment.

  • This specification covers two classes of finishing varnish for roller coat application on sheet metal which has been sized and color coated. This specification meets Air Pollution Regulations (Rule 66).