Corrosion and rust-removing chemicals.

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  • A-A-59260 Corrosion Removing Compound, Sodium Hydroxide Base; for Electrolytic or Immersion Application

    This commercial item description (CID) covers one type of alkaline corrosion removing compound suitable for rust removal by simple immersion of the article or by electrolytic action without causing material change in the dimensional characteristics of the treated article.

  • This specification covers five types of concentrated phosphoric acid rust removing and metal conditioning compound which, when diluted with water and applied to metal surfaces, will remove rust from ferrous metal surfaces and provide a slight etching action for ferrous and nonferrous metals to promote the adhesion of paint or corrosion preventives. Get a free quote on this phosphoric acid cleaner for metal today.

  • This specification covers phosphoric-acid base nonflammable compounds for aluminum corrosion removal from aircraft surfaces.

  • This specification covers a corrosion removing compound, containing sodium hydroxide, chelating and sequestering agents, wetting agents and detergents, a polyhydroxy compound, inhibitors and accelerating agents. A solution of this compound at elevated temperature will remove rust, paint, scale, grease, dirt, asphalt and carbon immersion, from ferrous surfaces. An additive composition to be used for the purpose of prolonging the tank life of the product, is also covered by this specification. This specification is canceled. Superseded by A-A-59261.