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  • This specification covers a preservative lubricating oil for aircraft and ground small arms weapons at emperatures between 0 deg. to -70 deg. F (-17.8 deg. to -56.6 deg. C). This lubricating oil is identified by Military symbol LAW and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Code Number 0-157.

  • This specification covers three classes of gas synthetic turbine engine lubricating oils, primarily used for aircraft engines, which have a nominal viscosity of 5 centistokes at 100 Deg. C and which are typically made with neopentyl polyol ester base stocks. This MIL-PRF-23699 aircraft oil is identified by NATO Code Number 0-156.

  • This specification covers the requirements for two grades of aircraft turbine engine lubricating oil.

  • MIL-PRF-87252 Coolant Fluid, Hydrolytically Stable, Dielectric

    This specification describes the characteristics and provides the requirements for a -54 to 200 Degrees C synthetic hydrocarbon fluid for use in electronic applications. This fluid is identified by NATO Code No. S-1748 (see 6.5).