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  • A-A-2787 Enamel, (Aerosol (Low VOC)

    This description covers two types of aerosol enamel coatings meeting National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Aerosol coatings, 40 CFR 59, Subpart E. The aerosol enamel shall be furnished in nominal 475 mL (1-pint) commercial pressurized dispensers with cover caps protecting the valves. The enamel shall be dispersible by hand shaking for 1 minute at room temperature. The valve shall operate with moderate finger pressure and close immediately upon release of pressure without sputtering. The spray shall be uniform and a smooth film shall be deposited. The can shall deliver a minimum of 98.0 percent by weight of contents.

  • This description covers three gloss levels of lead and chromate free alkyd enamel for industrial maintenance coating on a wide range of metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Apply this solvent based enamel to surfaces that have been previously primed.  Two coats are recommended for durable outdoor and indoor service. The paint shall meet current Air Pollution Regulations of the Southern California Air Quality Management District, Rule 1113, Industrial Maintenance Coatings.

  • This commercial item description (CID) covers odorless, alkyd, interior semigloss enamel, non-lead, in whites and tints.

  • A-A-665 Enamel, Fast-Dry Aerosol

    The A-A-665 covers fast drying enamel paints for general-purpose use. This specification is canceled. Superseded by A-A-2787 Aerosol Enamel.

  • AMS-3120 Enamel, Glyceryl Phthalate, Black Baking
  • AMS-3125 Enamel, Glyceryl Phthalate, Engine Gray Baking
  • MIL-DTL-15090 Enamel, Equipment, Light Gray (Navy Formula No111)

    This specification covers a 250-gram per liter (maximum) (2.08 pounds per gallon [maximum]) volatile organic content (VOC) complying paint. The paint is a light gray equipment enamel paint (Navy Formula Number 111) for shipboard use as a topcoat on equipment, machinery, furniture, and electrical equipment, such as switchboard installations. The MIL-DTL-15090 may be used wherever VOC air pollution regulations apply. The light gray equipment enamel paint covered by this specification is an air dry, solvent base coating for use in all interior dry areas including applications covered by reactor plant painting schedules. This product is supplied in a single can and used as supplied without thinning.

  • This specification covers a semigloss, chlorinated alkyd resin, interior enamel that does not support combustion or flaming when dry, and is for use on primed, smooth metal, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), wood and plastic/composite surfaces.

  • This specification covers a 340 grams per liter (g/L) (maximum) [2.8 pounds per gallon (lb/gal) (maximum)] volatile organic content (VOC) gray, interior deck enamel (Formula No. 20L) for shipboard use as a general purpose interior deck enamel for application to either primed steel or aluminum. Product is supplied in a single can and used as supplied. This specification is canceled. Superseded by MIL-DTL-15090.

  • MIL-E-15129 Enamel, Ship, Exterior, Alkyd, Navy Gray No 7 (Formula No 5N)

    This specification is canceled. See TT-E-490.

  • This specification is canceled. Use TT-E-490.

  • This specification is canceled with no superseded document.